• Visiting Scholars


    This program offers younger and senior scholars the opportunity to undertake a period of 3 months of research in the field of Statistics and Financial Mathematics at Milano-Bicocca University, in the Department of Statistics and Quantitative Methods. Scholars are expected to hold a PhD degree (or equivalent) and vividly contribute to the Department research. Successful applicants join researchers at DISMEQ, and are expected to be full-time at the Department to contribute scientifically to its developments. The selection criteria include academic training, quality of research proposal, depth of subject knowledge, originality of the proposal as well as feasibility of conducting the research at Milano-Bicocca and match with a DISMEQ faculty member. Scholars are provided with a monthly stipend and individual medical insurance coverage. A limited number of fellowships (covering accommodation and travel costs) may be assigned. The amount of each fellowship depends on the candidate’s curriculum and on the available budget.

    Application Procedure

    Interested candidates must submit their applications to visiting.dismeq@unimib.it. Applications should include a CV, a brief (half page) research proposal and the indication about the requested period of stay at the Department. Uncompleted applications will not be considered.


Application Period: September 1st – February 1st