NATO ENGURI Project training schools for young researchers

We are pleased to announce two training field schools that will be held in the framework of:

NATO Project G4934 – Science for Peace and Security Programme
Security against geohazards at the major Enguri hydroelectric scheme in Georgia

Young researchers from the NATO and NATO-partner countries of the project are strongly encouraged to participate, especially from GEORGIA, AZERBAIJAN and KAZAKHSTAN. The expenses will be fully covered by each country’s NATO funding, as planned in the project. The selection of participants will be done by the co-Director of each country. The names of the selected researchers will have to be provided to the NATO project Director, Prof. Alessandro Tibaldi. The deadline to select the young researchers participating in the first school (ICELAND) is set on April 31, 2016, in order to book everything on time.

Iceland, 1 – 10 September 2016
This summer school will be held in northern Iceland, near the town of Husavik, where astonishing geological structures and landforms are exposed, which where produced by recent and historical earthquakes. The area cases beautiful evidence of Holocene tectonic fissures linked to the active Iceland Rift, strike-slip faults associated with the Husavik-Flatey transform fault zone, as well as Quaternary volcanic deposits, structures and morphologies. This represents a perfect location for studying and learning evidences of Holocene and historic earthquake activity. Landslides will also be shown, especially along the road from Keflavik to Husavik. Img training schools

California, summer 2017 (exact date to be fixed)
This summer school will be held in California (USA), and will be aimed at studying recent and active structures of the San Andreas strike-slip fault zone, the Basin and Range normal faults, and several other geological marvels from California. More details will come up in the next months.