What is the official language of IALE 2019?

The official language of the congress is English (abstract submission and presentation). The Scientific Committee is reviewing options to make the congress more accessible for speakers of other regional languages, but we cannot guarantee anything at this time.

Please note that if you decide to submit an abstract for the congress, you will be asked if English is your second language. This is to allow the reviewer provide you with some language guidance if necessary if your abstract is accepted.



Can I submit multiple abstracts?

To avoid scheduling conflicts, IALE 2019 follows a “one poster, one talk” policy. This means that each attendee may present one poster and one talk at IALE 2019. Under no circumstances can attendees present more than one talk.



Can I present multiple abstracts at IALE 2019?

  • You may only submit one abstract for Symposia, Workshops and Short Courses. This policy is strictly enforced. Do NOT submit an abstract for an oral, speed presentation or Knowledge Café unless your abstract for a Symposium, Workshop or Short Course abstracts is rejected by the Scientific Committee (decision to be made by 9 January 2017). All rejected Symposium, Workshop or Short Course abstracts may be resubmitted as a contributed talk, poster presentation or Knowledge Café.
  • Symposium and workshop organizers are free to present in their own sessions or may decide to limit their role to that of organizer only. In case of the latter option, a symposium organizer may present a talk in a workshop and a workshop organizer may present a talk in a symposium. This works because symposium and workshop sessions do not present scheduling conflicts within the scientific program.
  • You may only submit one abstract for Contributed Talks (oral and speed presentations), and one abstract for a poster presentation. Poster sessions are standalone sessions which do not conflict with other scheduled sessions.
  • You cannot submit more than one abstract per form, however, there is no limit to the number of proposals other presenters submit in which you can named as a co-author.
  • Anyone who submitted an abstract for a Symposium, Short Course or Workshop must wait for the Scientific Committee’s decision before considering resubmitting (if rejected) the abstract for a Contributed Talk, Poster,  so as not to violate the submission policy as described above.


May I present a talk if I’m leading a Workshop, Short Course?

Short Courses leaders may present an abstract during the congress as those sessions are scheduled prior to the beginning of the main program. Workshops, Symposia organizers cannot present another talk (unless their original abstract was rejected). They can however present one poster abstract as those are standalone sessions which do not conflict with other scheduled sessions.



When do I need to register if I want to submit an abstract?

As presenter of IALE 2019, in the event that your abstract is accepted, you must register by the Early Bird registration deadline to guarantee your presentation will be scheduled. Registration is set to open sometimes in February 2019. If you might miss the deadline due to pending decision on funding, please email us as soon as possible to discuss an alternative.



What should I do if I am unable to attend the conference to present my accepted abstract?

You may identify a co-author or colleague who will be attending the conference and present in your name as long as he/she is not a presenter for IALE 2019. This is to avoid scheduling conflicts.  We hope however that you will be able to present at IALE 2019 if your abstract is accepted, otherwise, please contact the Scientific Committee at iale2019program@unimib.it as soon as possible