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Paolo Galli



Graduated in marine biology, I am now the MaRHE Center Director and professor of ecology at the University of Milano-Bicocca. The best definition of myself given by a close friend is "visionary volitional". I love new adventures such as those that led me to design the stage of tropical marine ecology, create this center and contribute to the realization of the new international master degree in Marine Sciences.

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Massimiliano Pipino

Business Development, Marketing and Management

+39 0264483324

I have been always working in the Sales & Marketing for International organizations managing main sponsorships and developing new businesses through marketing and promotion. MaRHE Center is an enthusiastic challenge that combines the beauty of this Country with some environment problem such as the coral bleaching. Promoting and managing MaRHE is a call to action to try to help this wonderful land.

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Anna Marchetti

Project Coordinator


After a long experience in the International and Education sectors, I am particularly glad to back up such an impressive team. While they dive into the sea, I try not to drown myself in paperwork. Phone calls, emails, bureaucracy, can drive you crazy, but our enthusiasm and motivation are my lifebelt.

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Davide Seveso


+39 026448.3433

My current researches focus on the assessment of the scleractinian coral health and physiological condition, analyzing the impact of different stress factors which induce coral bleaching, mortality and coral diseases. In particular, I am focusing on the expression and the modulation of the Heat shock proteins and antioxidant enzymes as useful and accurate biomarkers.

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Simone Montano



My research focuses on the coral health and diseases assessment of the Republic of Maldives and on new emerging symbioses involving the dominant animal of tropical reefs: the corals. All my activities are aimed at understanding the dynamics that will drive this ecosystem under a climate change scenario, in order to develop and propose environmental management plans.

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