thorelloThe toroidal device Thorello, has operated for many years at the Plasma Laboratory of the University of Milano, and it has been recently relocated in PLASMAPROMETEO laboratories. The device produces a steady plasma in a toroidal magnetic configuration. Thorello provides a unique feasibility to perform experiments in a stable environment with the capability of changing plasma parameters within a wide range.

The research is oriented to plasma-wave interactions, anomalous transport and diffusion mechanisms, transport barrier production, instability mechanisms, statistical properties and coherent structures in plasma turbulence [1].

As an example, in first figure, the measurement of resonance cones produced in Thorello is displayed. [2].











In the second picture, the production of a localized Reynold stress through the adsorption of an ion Bernstein wave (IBW) is shown. The production of a shear layer, due to differential poloidal rotation, can induce a de-correlation of fluctuations thus reducing particle fluxes.

The device was also employed to develop suitable diagnostics, based on electrostatic probes, to measure plasma parameters fluctuations and correlations, electric fields and particle fluxes or flows [3].

The centre of excellence PlasmaPrometeo is also involved in the FuseNet Project.

» Further information is available in papers published in scientific and popular reviews:

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