The toroidal device Blaamann is located at the Auroral Observatory in Tromso (Norway) and its configuration is rather similar to that of the Thorello device at PLASMAPROMETEO. This common scenario stimulated a very active collaboration between both research groups dating back to several years already.  The device produces a rather symmetric plasma column in a toroidal magnetic configuration. Similarly as in Thorello, the Blaamann device provides the feasibility of performing experiments in a stable environment.

Collaboration research areas concern the fluctuations and instability mechanisms analysis, the characterization of their statistical properties and the search for coherent structures in plasma turbulence [1,2,3], as well as the development of suitable diagnostics.

In particular the formation of vortices, their evolution and their influence on the anomalous transport was studied and is recorded in the movie.

Advanced statistical tools have been employed in the analysis of intermittent time series displayed by the plasma parameters in the turbulent steady state. Characterization of different turbulent regimes has been performed and the relation with the non-diffusive transport mechanisms has been understood [2].


» Further information is available in papers published in scientific and popular reviews:

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