The Centre  PLASMAPROMETEO is promoting a research also in the field of plasma applications for the treatment of harmful emissions from industry and in the production of energy by means of cheap and environmental friendly technologies.
Complex molecules are easily dissociated into elementary radicals which interact and produce simpler substances [1,2]. Harmful elements can be transformed into non-toxic gases or into inert glassy substances.PLASMAPROMETEO leads a research activity also on the production of hydrogen rich mixtures, with the development of a plasma reformer for the conversion of natural gas [3,4].


PFC (plasma fuel converter) device


destruction of dioxin and 2-4-dinitrophenol

» Further information is available in papers published in scientific and popular reviews:

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Proceedings 17° Congresso AIV, 28 Giugno-2 Luglio 2004, Venezia.

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